I followed this recipe, with these minor changes: 2/3 cup generic splenda instead of 3/4 cup splenda (honestly, because my 1/4 cup measure broke – I had collapsible silicone measuring cups for about 5 years before they started breaking), and added about 20 g sugar-free dark chocolate, chopped. I used this calculator to convert 1 1/3 cup of peanut flour to 80 g of peanut flour because measuring by weight is just easier. The bread is really delicious – very moist and a bit sweet. I left it with a friend who eats gluten free – now I need to make another loaf 🙂 I do want to try making a not-sweet version as well for more general use. 

This nutritional information includes 1/2 serving of 70% cocoa sugar-free chocolate, although I couldn’t find the serving size for the chocolate so it could be a bit high or low. It assumes that you cut 12 slices from the loaf.