I figured out a way that I like chosen foods’ too  sweet,  too tangy avocado oil mayo – just in time to finish the jar. It turns out it makes good tuna salad. I still won’t be buying it again.

I’ve been bringing veggie sticks to work to give me something less harmful to eat when I’m feeling stressed. It’s helping a bit.


I can’t even see the tracks any more.

Work is such a trigger for me to eat junk. I fasted until 10:30 a.m. today and felt pretty good – then got into the free pitas and hummus at work. I know I need to plan my meals and snacks better, but I’m struggling to get there.

I cleaned for a sick friend yesterday and brought a slow cooker of really tasty black beans to share with the other volunteers and to leave for the friend and her spouse. (I used dried black beans and cooked them with onions, olive oil, garlic, red bell peppers, chipotle powder, cumin, coriander, salt, pepper, Mexican oregano, mushroom powder, sundried tomatoes and the oil they were packed in.) I made beans because I knew they liked them and because another of the volunteers is vegan. I also made a pot of rice.

I skipped the rice, but did enjoy a bowl of beans. (They were seriously tasty.) I was vegetarian for years and had few issues digesting beans because I ate them so frequently. Not so now. I’ll be more cautious with my portion size the next time I eat something like that.

I also went for fish, chips, and beer on Good Friday and ate an entire delicious, fresh pita with hummus yesterday.

Tonight, I’m going for Easter dinner at the home of a friend who also eats keto, so it’ll be pretty easy to stay on track. I’m bringing no-bake keto cheesecake.

This morning, I weighed 214.6 pounds, a drastic improvement from the 219 I weighed last week. I’m on vacation from work, so being away from the snack table there has certainly helped.

I have a cold, and when I went to the movies last night I nearly succumbed to the lure of frozen yogurt. Luckily for me, my craving was specific and they didn’t have the kind of frozen yogurt I wanted. (Yogen Fruz – the kind where they blend the fruit in.)

I did eat an unreasonable number of no sugar added candies during the movie to soothe my throat.

I typically avoid cottage cheese because it’s not particularly low-carb at five grams per half-cup, but this week I picked up some 4% fat cottage cheese and really enjoyed it.

I have been eating a couple of Atkins bars a day, but obviously it’s not hurting my weight loss. I’ve also been eating a lot of seasoned peanuts.


As part of trying to get on track (while accepting the fact that I feel the need for the comfort of sweets right now), I picked up 3 packages of Atkins bars at Walmart last weekend then bought 11 more packages from The Low Carb Grocery online. (They have a wider selection than anywhere I can find them locally at comparable prices and orders over $100 have free shipping.)

I really like the Chocolate Chip Granola Bar – it has a nice caramel flavour and it’s relatively filling. I find a lot of the ‘meal’ bars gritty because of the protein powder, so it’s nice to find one I don’t find gritty.

I rushed home in time to catch most of the online TOPS meeting I’ve been attending but didn’t end up weighing myself. Next week.

Since one of the bigger issues I’m having is wanting treats at work, I bought some Atkins bars to try to reduce the appeal of the sugar-filled junk food at work. In the past, they have helped me to get back on track.

One good thing about my current work is that there are no particularly convenient restaurants, so I eat food from home every day. Today’s lunch was roast beef and broccoli that I brought from home last week and froze/left frozen when I didn’t get around to eating it last week.

Yes, my weight is high. But I’m now attending online TOPS meetings regularly and I’m finding them helpful.

Last night, I attended a Zumba class and it was just what I needed. I left work feeling really frustrated and the high-intensity dance made me feel a million times better. I also loved that the instructor was a larger woman – it made me feel more like the moves were things I could eventually do.

I’m going into my 4th week of yoga. I might not make the Wednesday class – I have plans that conflict that I could leave early but I’m not sure I will – but if that’s the case I should be able to make it on Saturday.

1 tuna fillet, cooked rare and thinly sliced (mine was frozen Yellowfin tuna from Costco)

romaine lettuce, torn

VitaFiber syrup

sesame oil

avocado oil

sesame seeds

black pepper

green tabasco


soy sauce

vinegar (I used red wine, rice wine would be better)

Mix all of the ingredients other than the tuna and romaine to make a salad dressing you like the taste of. Toss it with the romaine and tuna. Eat.

I went to a sausage party this afternoon – a friend with a sausage maker picks up a bunch of casing, we all bring ground pork, and we make ourselves sausages.

My friends are keen on maple syrup and honey garlic sausage, but as long as I stay away from those they’re virtually the lowest carb sausages you can get.

Someone at the party asked what I was using because my regular ground pork looked so different from the lean ground pork other people were using.

I made about 9 lbs of sausage, all seasoned pretty simply so I can mostly use them as breakfast sausages. I used:


bottled minced garlic


dried marjoram

dried parsley

dried rosemary

I would have added sage but forgot to bring it.

We add the amount of ingredients we think makes sense then microwave a small patty to check the seasoning. I went through 2 rounds of microwaving but I still think I didn’t salt them quite enough.

They’re in the freezer now and I’ll be enjoying them for at least a couple months.

I made Starbucks lemon loaf for brunch with a friend yesterday. It’s very good – moist and flavourful. I didn’t make the frosting and I used granulated monk fruit/erythritol sweetener, not confectioner’s style. I might increase the lemon extract to 3 tsp next time and I wouldn’t mind if it were a bit tangier. But I’m enjoying it and I’ll make it again.