Fall is here so I went from a shorts-and-t-shirt weigh-in to a light sweater and light track-pants weigh in. And I had dinner before I went. So it’s not surprising I’m 2.4 lbs above the lowest weight I’ve seen on my home scale.

Only 2.8 lbs to officially having lost 40 lbs!

Still tracking and being careful of portion size, I had my first sugar-free ice cream today. (Chapman’s no sugar added vanilla – 6 net carbs per half cup. A half cup is about 60 g so I measure it that way.)

I’ve increased my daily goal to 25 net carbs. Given that I have 40+ lbs to lose, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to stay in induction for longer than 2 weeks, but I want a bit more flexibility. I’ll stay at 25 for a couple weeks before re-assessing.

My local library has a nice theater and is playing it Thursday evening. I’ve already seen it but might go toward the end of the movie to hear the conversation that happens afterward.

I attended a lunch and learn where there’s free pizza today. I ate my packed lunch (sauteed cabbage and a burger with fresh tomato sauce) but still heard the call of the pizza so I had the toppings – no crust – from a piece of meat pizza. The Atkins site says that has about 1.8 net carbs.

My net carbs today were close to 30, but obviously better than they would have been with the whole pizza slice.

Naked, first thing, on my home scale. But it’s been ages since my weight was that low even under those circumstances, so I’m excited!

Last night’s dinner at the steakhouse was great. I had red wine, bacon confit with poached egg, rib eye with horseradish cream sauce and green beans, and coffee with cream. I ate too much – it’s still hard to stop midway through an amazing meal. But I came close to staying within my carb limit for the day.

Today, I’ve been eating fairly lightly – scrambled eggs with green jalapeno Tabasco for breakfast and steamed rainbow trout with sautéed cabbage for lunch.


I’m going out to a nice steakhouse tonight. In preparation, I had a late breakfast of bacon and eggs. I had a snack of a couple slices of havarti before going out and an americano with cream while I was out. So I have plenty of appetite for steak and lots of carbs for the vegetables I’ll eat with it.

I had at least 28 net carbs today – I had a Greek salad and arbitrarily chose a Greek salad from the Atkins tracker so of course it’s not exact.

I went out to dinner with friends and had lamb skewers, tzatzki and Greek salad. It was delicious. I’m overly full – I probably could have comfortably eaten half of it. But I’m still pretty happy with my choices today.

Today at work we had a barbecue. I brought sausages (no nutritional information but from a good butcher and with no fillers so I’m hopeful they’re low carb). A coworker brought 2 types of burgers, some lower fat ones and some Angus burgers. I glanced at the labels – 2 g carbohydrate for the lower fat ones and 7 g carbohydrate for the Angus burgers. So I had a lower fat burger with cheese and bacon. And a bunch of olives.

After I finish this jar of olives, I have olives stuffed with garlic cloves. Yum!

There was also cake at work. Thankfully, it was Dairy Queen ice cream cake, which I dislike, so it wasn’t even tempting.

Anyway, the total for today… 22 net carbs. Woo!

I also had 1 square of 90% cacao chocolate today for the first time since starting Atkins. (1.8 net carbs.) I used to eat 4 squares at a sitting, but I feel satisfied after 1.

I’m still eating 2 Atkins treats per day when I’m in the office. I keep them at home and bring in the 2 I plan to eat because if the box is in my desk I eat more and regret it. (Too much maltitol!) Similarly, I can’t keep a 100 g chocolate bar in my desk, but I might start bringing 1 Atkins treat and 1 square of chocolate.

Despite going to an event with pasta, garlic bread, greens with a choice of calorie-wise Caesar or raspberry vinaigrette. I ate a steak before I went and had greens with raspberry vinaigrette (2 net carbs per TB vs. 4 for the Caesar) and coffee with cream while I was there.