I’ve had a clay cooker for several years. I actually bought it when I was vegetarian to make seitan in. Anyway, I’m barbecuing for some coworkers tomorrow, so I decided to make pulled pork in it. I’m following this recipe. (Including the white and brown sugar since it’s too little to make much difference in carb count.) I’m going to make this coleslaw to go with it.

I followed this recipe, but left it plain (no garlic butter) to make it more versatile.

It would be nice if the recipe were more specific about the thickness or diameter of the discs. Mine were apparently too thick since they stayed persistently squishy. After they cooled, I sliced one horizontally and toasted it for 30 minutes in the toaster oven. That firmed it up nicely and it was quite tasty with lots of butter.

It’s been an up and down kind of week, but it was good to be down at TOPS. My group had a difficult week, so I was the second highest loser.

I’m off to a pool party today, which will be a challenging environment to stay on track. I signed up to make meatballs and had intended to make homemade meatballs with tomato sauce. I didn’t allow enough time and ended up picking up frozen meatballs and honey garlic sauce.

I’ve been eating this salsa thinking that because it was thinner than shelf-stable salsa it was probably lower in carbs. Today, I noticed that it contained sugar (!!). I admit I hadn’t even checked since I had never seen sugar in a plain salsa before. Now, comparing the nutritional information, I see that it has more carbs than PC extra chunky salsa – 4 g with no fiber per 1/4 cup instead of 3 g with 1 g fiber for the PC.

I won’t be buying it anymore.

I don’t know why I bother to look at recipes for coleslaw – they’re just too sweet. This is quite tasty.

1 onion, quartered

4 small carrots, peeled

1/3 of a gigantic head of cabbage

3/4 tsp salt

1/2 tsp. mustard powder

black pepper, maybe 20 grinds

2 Tbsp red wine vinegar

4 Tbsp avocado oil, or whatever liquid oil you like

Grate the onion, carrots, and cabbage on the large holes of a food processor.

Add all of the remaining ingredients and stir well.

Refrigerate for at least an hour, stir again, and then taste the coleslaw. Adjust the seasoning as you like. Eat.

Oops – apparently I need to read entire recipes before following them. I made these except I just assumed they were cooked on the stovetop so that’s what I did. I can see how baking them might be a better bet – my first one stuck a bit and turned out deformed. When I buttered the frying pan more generously, I no longer had issues with sticking.

I ate the deformed flatbread like a pancake with butter and homemade rhubarb jam.

As pancakes, this recipe is surprisingly not particularly eggy.

Do start with the 1 tsp psyllium – my flatbreads turned out quite thick with 2 tsp.

Anyway, I will make these again, probably still on the stovetop, and I’ll double the recipe.

bacon fat

2 onions, diced

3 tomatoes, diced

3 Tbsp chili powder

2 hot chorizo sausages, cooked, removed from casing and crumbled

about 1 lb cooked ground beef (mine were some burgers I didn’t finish and froze)

about 1 lb cooked zucchini, pureed (again, from the freezer)

1 can black soybeans, rinsed and drained

Fry the onions in the bacon fat until tender. Add the tomatoes and cook until they break down. Add the chili powder and cook for a few minutes. Add the remaining ingredients and bring to a simmer. Simmer for 20 minutes. Taste and adjust seasoning. Eat.

I used crema in this since I had some that had been open for a bit. Heavy cream would work as well.

Wash a bunch of kale (mine was gigantic) and pull out the stems. Discard the stems.

Meanwhile, boil a big pot of salted water. Add the kale and cover. Cook for a few minutes until the kale is limp and bright green.

Put a bunch of ice cubes in a bowl. Strain the kale and add it to the bowl to quickly cool.

After the kale is cool enough, squeeze out most of the water. Chop the kale into pretty small pieces.

Heat some butter in the pot. Add the chopped kale. Season with salt and pepper. Taste and cook until it’s almost as tender as you’d like. Add the crema and bring it to a simmer. Remove from the heat and stir in cheese – I used cheddar.


I have and am using my air conditioning, so I’m better off than most people. But I’m sick of the heat.

Big pro – I bought a membership to a hotel pool a short walk away and I’ve been going nearly every day. I don’t tend to swim very fast, but I enjoy it and it makes me feel better. It won’t be as easy to motivate myself after the weather cools, but since there’s a hot tub it can feel really nice when it’s cold, too.

Con(ish) – I’m not cooking very much. It’s probably making me a bit more susceptible to the treats at work but it also means I’m not eating unreasonable amounts of low carb sweets at home.

I bought Schweppes diet ginger ale because it was on sale. I’ve never been big on brand-name pop but I admit it’s much tastier than the Our Compliments diet ginger ale I last bought. I think it’s partially because it’s sweeter – I can have it over ice and as the ice melts it still tastes sweet enough.

My other favourite diet pop right now is PC diet mango. I wish they didn’t colour it, but the flavour is really good.

That was quite the experience.

I haven’t felt up for fasting for the past couple weeks – I’m experiencing some depression and I’m not willing to give up the comfort of food until I have it more under control. (I realize ketosis can help with depression, but I’m not up to getting there.) This morning, I decided to skip breakfast and instead have stevia-sweetened lemonade with a couple tsp psyllium stirred in and a shot of MCT oil. I’ve consumed each of these things separately before without issues. Somehow, the combination (possibly because it was on an empty stomach) seems to have cleared out my entire digestive tract about 45 minutes later.

I was grateful that the belly rumbles started after I’d arrived at work, at least, but it was still not the best place to spend 10 minutes on the toilet. I feel completely fine now, thankfully.

For lunch, I’d brought psyllium-based flatbread, cream cheese, and smoked salmon. I decided that eating the psyllium-based flatbread today wasn’t a good idea, so I had a wheat bagel. It wasn’t a particularly good bagel, but piled high wih cream cheese and salmon it was pretty good.

(My boyfriend takes psyllium every day and it seemed like a good habit to get into. He just buys the hulls and grinds them to a powder in his Vitamix.)

By the time I went to TOPS, I’d had plenty to eat so I don’t think my morning adventures had much impact on my weight. But I still need to get back on track.


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