As part of trying to get on track (while accepting the fact that I feel the need for the comfort of sweets right now), I picked up 3 packages of Atkins bars at Walmart last weekend then bought 11 more packages from The Low Carb Grocery online. (They have a wider selection than anywhere I can find them locally at comparable prices and orders over $100 have free shipping.)

I really like the Chocolate Chip Granola Bar – it has a nice caramel flavour and it’s relatively filling. I find a lot of the ‘meal’ bars gritty because of the protein powder, so it’s nice to find one I don’t find gritty.

I rushed home in time to catch most of the online TOPS meeting I’ve been attending but didn’t end up weighing myself. Next week.

Since one of the bigger issues I’m having is wanting treats at work, I bought some Atkins bars to try to reduce the appeal of the sugar-filled junk food at work. In the past, they have helped me to get back on track.

One good thing about my current work is that there are no particularly convenient restaurants, so I eat food from home every day. Today’s lunch was roast beef and broccoli that I brought from home last week and froze/left frozen when I didn’t get around to eating it last week.

Yes, my weight is high. But I’m now attending online TOPS meetings regularly and I’m finding them helpful.

Last night, I attended a Zumba class and it was just what I needed. I left work feeling really frustrated and the high-intensity dance made me feel a million times better. I also loved that the instructor was a larger woman – it made me feel more like the moves were things I could eventually do.

I’m going into my 4th week of yoga. I might not make the Wednesday class – I have plans that conflict that I could leave early but I’m not sure I will – but if that’s the case I should be able to make it on Saturday.

1 tuna fillet, cooked rare and thinly sliced (mine was frozen Yellowfin tuna from Costco)

romaine lettuce, torn

VitaFiber syrup

sesame oil

avocado oil

sesame seeds

black pepper

green tabasco


soy sauce

vinegar (I used red wine, rice wine would be better)

Mix all of the ingredients other than the tuna and romaine to make a salad dressing you like the taste of. Toss it with the romaine and tuna. Eat.

I went to a sausage party this afternoon – a friend with a sausage maker picks up a bunch of casing, we all bring ground pork, and we make ourselves sausages.

My friends are keen on maple syrup and honey garlic sausage, but as long as I stay away from those they’re virtually the lowest carb sausages you can get.

Someone at the party asked what I was using because my regular ground pork looked so different from the lean ground pork other people were using.

I made about 9 lbs of sausage, all seasoned pretty simply so I can mostly use them as breakfast sausages. I used:


bottled minced garlic


dried marjoram

dried parsley

dried rosemary

I would have added sage but forgot to bring it.

We add the amount of ingredients we think makes sense then microwave a small patty to check the seasoning. I went through 2 rounds of microwaving but I still think I didn’t salt them quite enough.

They’re in the freezer now and I’ll be enjoying them for at least a couple months.

I made Starbucks lemon loaf for brunch with a friend yesterday. It’s very good – moist and flavourful. I didn’t make the frosting and I used granulated monk fruit/erythritol sweetener, not confectioner’s style. I might increase the lemon extract to 3 tsp next time and I wouldn’t mind if it were a bit tangier. But I’m enjoying it and I’ll make it again.

I finally finished my last giant tub of Hellman’s mayo and tried Chosen Foods avocado mayo. It is way oversweetened – it tastes like Miracle Whip to me. (It said on the label that it was sweetened with honey but I was hoping that it was more like Hellman’s, which contains a miniscule amount of sugar.) I used to like Miracle Whip in egg salad, so I’ll use it up by making egg salad. But it’s not useful for most things that I use mayonnaise for. So I made some proper mayo last night as well. (With Chosen Foods avocado oil since that’s what they sell at Costco.)

It turns out that the Mississauga Whole Foods carries Primal Foods avocado oil mayo, which isn’t sweetened, so I’ll try that next.

I followed this recipe, only I added 1/2 tsp salt, used 1 cup of erythritol-monk fruit blend as the sweetener and I stirred in the peanut butter rather than swirling it. It also took more like 40 minutes to bake than 20.

I’ve only tasted them warm so far, but they’re pretty amazing that way.

I’ve had some chili in the freezer for a while but for some reason haven’t felt like eating it. I thawed it on the weekend and finally got around to eating some yesterday. So good! It was about 3 portions and I ate it all in a day.

I decided to make more chili today. The chili I have simmering on the stove is simple – 2 onions, 3 red bell peppers, a pound of mushrooms, probably 1 1/2 lbs of diced blade roast, 4 plum tomatoes, chipotle powder, chili powder, granulated garlic, salt, and pepper.

I hadn’t bought oyster sauce in a couple years since it’s high-carb, but bok choy hasn’t tasted as good without it so I picked some up last week. It doesn’t take a lot to perk up the flavour of a lot of bok choy, so the 5 g carbs per Tbsp are worth it to me. (I washed and quartered a bunch of baby bok choy and minced about 5 cloves of garlic. Then I melted coconut oil in a wok and added the garlic, stirred a couple times, then added the bok choy. I added the oyster sauce and stir-fried just until the bok choy was heated through. Last night, my friend and I ate it with steak and fried mushrooms. Today, I just nuked it and ate it as a snack.)