One day I’ll learn to label the cheese that I freeze. (I grate and freeze cheese anytime I worry that I won’t finish it.) I went into the freezer to get parmesan for this recipe and found another bag with grated white cheese. I assumed it was mozzarella, so I used it in the recipe. Turns out it’s actually smoked cheddar, so I had a more strongly flavoured pizza.

I topped the pizza with Tuscany Pumpkin Pasta Sauce, not because it’s particularly low carb but because it’s what I have open. And thinly sliced hot Italian sausage and shallots. Cheese on top would improve the structural integrity of the dish, but I think it’s too easy with a crust this cheesy to end up with too much cheese.


It was very tasty, but kind of limp so I’ll go back to the fathead crust next.