I had a not-so-great dental checkup for the first time since I started eating keto. It’s amazing how quickly uneven compliance can show up in a dental exam.

It’s nothing that needs addressing now – some softer spots between my teeth that could turn into cavities – but it gives me another good reason to stick with keto. (My tooth brushing habits haven’t changed.) My dentist told me to stay away from pop and sugar-sweetened beverages, which thankfully is not an issue for me.

Lately, I’ve been drinking iced tea with erythritol and rhubarb juice. (I blend rhubarb then squeeze the juice by hand through a strainer. It’s good with stevia, too.)

Yesterday, I ate keto all day except a chocolate croissant. That’s a pretty big exception, but I was pleased that I didn’t use the croissant as an excuse to go off plan the rest of the day.