It was the sort of weekend where it would have been easy to eat high carb but, for the most part, I didn’t!

Friday, when there’s beer and chips at the afternoon meeting, I had pistachios instead.

Saturday, I was babysitting at a friend’s house, but I had eggs and bacon for breakfast and sliced tomatoes with bacon, cheese, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar for lunch. For dinner, a friend took me out for my birthday and we had thai mango salad, green curry chicken, grilled chicken, and sweet basil beef. Yes, there was sugar in some of the dishes, but we skipped the (delicious) rice.

Today, I was still babysitting but I brought some of my flax pancake mix with me and had a flax pancake with unsweetened peanut butter for breakfast. For lunch, I had chicken fingers (not so low carb) with butter, sautéed carrots, and a dill pickle.

This doesn’t count an assortment of lower carb snacks – Atkins bars, cheese, nuts, etc.

I hope I’ve turned a corner where it’ll start feeling normal again to stay on program.