Yesterday had the potential to be disastrous, low carb-wise. After work, I needed to rush off to a fundraiser and didn’t have time to eat. The only food at the fundraiser was chips, chocolate bars, and pop.

Before the fundraiser, I had an iced coffee with probably 1/2 cup of heavy cream and I brought a bottle of water to the fundraiser. And I didn’t have anything to eat there! I was hungry but not stupidly hungry when I got home. (I had eggs and ham when I got home.) Heavy cream for the win!

Breakfast: 4 medium eggs with sriracha, cold brew coffee with heavy cream

Snack: Atkins bar, almonds, tea and coffee with table cream

Lunch: Homemade burger and coleslaw, 2 small squares 70% cacao chocolate

Snacks: Atkins bar and 2 babybel cheese

Dinner: Cold-brew coffee with heavy cream, eggs and ham with sriracha mayo