This morning, I weighed 214.6 pounds, a drastic improvement from the 219 I weighed last week. I’m on vacation from work, so being away from the snack table there has certainly helped.

I have a cold, and when I went to the movies last night I nearly succumbed to the lure of frozen yogurt. Luckily for me, my craving was specific and they didn’t have the kind of frozen yogurt I wanted. (Yogen Fruz – the kind where they blend the fruit in.)

I did eat an unreasonable number of no sugar added candies during the movie to soothe my throat.

I typically avoid cottage cheese because it’s not particularly low-carb at five grams per half-cup, but this week I picked up some 4% fat cottage cheese and really enjoyed it.

I have been eating a couple of Atkins bars a day, but obviously it’s not hurting my weight loss. I’ve also been eating a lot of seasoned peanuts.