I went to a sausage party this afternoon – a friend with a sausage maker picks up a bunch of casing, we all bring ground pork, and we make ourselves sausages.

My friends are keen on maple syrup and honey garlic sausage, but as long as I stay away from those they’re virtually the lowest carb sausages you can get.

Someone at the party asked what I was using because my regular ground pork looked so different from the lean ground pork other people were using.

I made about 9 lbs of sausage, all seasoned pretty simply so I can mostly use them as breakfast sausages. I used:


bottled minced garlic


dried marjoram

dried parsley

dried rosemary

I would have added sage but forgot to bring it.

We add the amount of ingredients we think makes sense then microwave a small patty to check the seasoning. I went through 2 rounds of microwaving but I still think I didn’t salt them quite enough.

They’re in the freezer now and I’ll be enjoying them for at least a couple months.