I did some goal setting last night with a friend who wants to try keto. My goal for the week is to avoid the fruit and sweets and work. I found it helpful – today, when I went to get tea at work, I looked at the chocolate and then remembered that I’d committed to keto. (It broke my habit of saying I’d start tomorrow.)

I finished the last of my yogurt yesterday so I’m getting closer to going off dairy. The only dairy I’ve had so far today was table cream with my tea.

After I’m comfortable with this change, some goals I’m considering for future weeks: not drinking wine. (I’ve been having a glass of red wine a few days a week.) Cutting back on nuts – I probably have 3-4 oz (combined) of walnuts, almonds, and pistachios per day.

My friend followed Atkins years ago but otherwise hasn’t tried LCHF/keto. He doesn’t eat much bread but has a crazy sweet tooth. He won’t eat things made with sweeteners, so he’s going to try to give up sweets altogether.