My friend who has prediabetes is on welfare, has a physical disability, and has young children – a difficult combination for eating healthily. Based on her experience with gestational diabetes – she tried following the diabetes educator’s recommendations but found that the amount of carbohydrate they were recommending spiked her blood sugar – she’s definitely open to eating low-carb to try to treat her prediabetes without medication.

So what she really needs is some go-to meals that take about as much time and generate about as many dishes as making toast. (Her disability makes staying on top of dishes challenging.) And they need to be relatively inexpensive.

I’m sure that she and I will have many conversations about this, but what I suggested to her was that she cook some chicken and hard-boil some eggs and buy some frozen low carb veggies (cauliflower, green beans, and broccoli). Then when she wants a meal all she has to do is nuke a handful of veg, add one of her prepared proteins, and add some butter or cheese if she wants. (She’s carrying some extra weight so it will probably be a while before she needs her diet to cover all of her fat needs.)

(Cooking family meals isn’t much of an issue for her – her older daughter has autism and is very picky, so she will likely continue to eat as she has been. Her younger daughter is a toddler, so she eats a variety of foods softly cooked.)

I also sent her a link to Dr Eric Westman’s introduction to eating low carb on YouTube. I like how simple he makes low cab seem.