Yesterday, I worked from home and didn’t have a glass of wine, so my day was quite low carb.

I did a first pass of tossing old food from my freezer. It was mostly full of dishes I didn’t like that much but thought if I froze them I’d eat them later. Later didn’t come, a bunch of them got freezer burned, and I was having trouble finding a container to put my current leftovers in. Anyway, I hate wasting food, but I’ll work moving forward to make smaller batches of experimental dishes instead of trying to force myself to eat food I don’t like.

Today’s breakfast was fried eggs with hot sauce and lunch will be coconut milk custard and salad – romaine, cheese, garlic-stuffed olives, and leftover steak. Supper will be leftover blue cheese-stuffed burgers and creamed cabbage or cauliflower and green beef casserole.