This morning, I melted 75 g of coconut oil with 75 g of MCT oil. (It took 4 minutes at 20% in my microwave.) I’m going to let it come to winter room temperature (18 degrees) and see if it has a nice, spreadable texture. If not, I’ll mess with the ratios ’til it does.

Update: several hours later, it had pudding consistency. I’m going to add another 50 g of coconut oil, re-melt it, and try again.

One of the things that I use butter for that I’ll need to replace while I’m trying dairy-free is for dipping the dogs’ pills so that they’ll eat them. (They get MSM, glucosamine and chondroitin, omega 3s, and one gets a painkiller as a pill.) I’ve used peanut butter and bacon fat in the past, but I might also try my softer coconut oil. (They haven’t met a fat they didn’t love.)