Last week, TOPS was canceled because of some pretty brutal weather. The week before that, my weight was up 1.6 lbs.

Although we had freezing rain last night and this morning, I believe TOPS will be on for tonight. I think my weight’s up again. *sigh*

I think that feeling badly about myself is contributing to my difficulty getting back to eating low carb consistently. Yesterday, I used the wardrobe service at a local consignment store to try to address part of that.

I spent about an hour and $233 buying a new coat, 5 new pairs of pants, and 7 new tops. The store had a 50% off sale on so it would have normally been twice that. (Or, more realistically, I would normally have bought less.) Buying clothes when my weight is up seems a bit silly, but I’d have to lose a fair bit of weight for most of them not to be wearable, so I’ll cross that bridge if or when I come to it.