Fasting is going pretty well. I had plain tea and water during the morning then salted broth at lunch. After lunch, I was hungry, so I decided to have about a cup of broccoli with liquid coconut oil and salt. (Yum!) My energy is good.

The PC liquid coconut oil tastes nice and has a pouring spout that pops up when you take off the lid – very good design. (I paid $8 for 250 mL, which is a lot less than I paid for NOW MCT oil a while ago.)

Update: Not including the broccoli, I broke my fast at about 3 with beef roast before doing some work around the house. I did a couple hours of quite sweaty work then had some 90% cacao chocolate, a glass of red wine, and some frittata pizza (baked egg and cream topped with tomato sauce, cheese, and spicy Italian salami. Then I had chai with heavy cream.