I’d like to do several weeks of strict ketogenic eating sometime soon. I’m next on the holds list for Maria Emmerich’s 30 day Ketogenic cleanse book, so hopefully that’ll be my motivation.

I didn’t take the homemade shortbread a friend of my parents’ gives me at Christmas right to work and I’ve come to regret it – despite leaving it in the car, I’ve eaten half of it. When I’m doing physical work (I’ve been doing some tear-out as part of home renos) it’s easy for me to justify higher carb foods. But I should know better because exercise doesn’t make much difference with my weight, only low carb eating does.

On the up side, my home scale has been hovering around 211, so I don’t have a lot of extra weight to lose after a month or more of eating badly. (And drinking a fair bit of red wine. I had a glass and a half today and I’m buzzing. At least it doesn’t take much.)