My weight’s up again. Fried chicken, more wine than usual – I know why.

Here’s the weird thing, though – I feel better about my body than I have in ages.

I’m not denying that I’m obese – my BMI is 32.3 – but if losing more weight means continuously being stricter on low carb, I’m not sure it’s for me. I want to track strictly while eating what I normally eat to get a better understanding, but I suspect around 50 net carbs per day is comfortable and sustainable for me. If my weight stays around 210 lbs at 50 net carbs per day, I think that’s where I want it to stay.

I will try this for a while before making any decisions, of course, but if I ever did want to declare a weight goal and consider becoming a KOPS, TOPS has you set a weight goal with your doctor and doesn’t rely on weight charts. I’ve been with my doctor for 12-13 years during which my lowest recorded weight has probably been around 205-210 and my highest was almost 250, so if I chose a weight goal of 210, my doctor would support it.

I’m still off my Symbicort and the last couple times I’ve been at the dog park I’ve done some sprinting with one of my dogs with no breathing problems. I don’t know what caused the improvement in my asthma, but I’m certainly happy about it.