Today at work we had a barbecue. I brought sausages (no nutritional information but from a good butcher and with no fillers so I’m hopeful they’re low carb). A coworker brought 2 types of burgers, some lower fat ones and some Angus burgers. I glanced at the labels – 2 g carbohydrate for the lower fat ones and 7 g carbohydrate for the Angus burgers. So I had a lower fat burger with cheese and bacon. And a bunch of olives.

After I finish this jar of olives, I have olives stuffed with garlic cloves. Yum!

There was also cake at work. Thankfully, it was Dairy Queen ice cream cake, which I dislike, so it wasn’t even tempting.

Anyway, the total for today… 22 net carbs. Woo!

I also had 1 square of 90% cacao chocolate today for the first time since starting Atkins. (1.8 net carbs.) I used to eat 4 squares at a sitting, but I feel satisfied after 1.

I’m still eating 2 Atkins treats per day when I’m in the office. I keep them at home and bring in the 2 I plan to eat because if the box is in my desk I eat more and regret it. (Too much maltitol!) Similarly, I can’t keep a 100 g chocolate bar in my desk, but I might start bringing 1 Atkins treat and 1 square of chocolate.