Today, I volunteered at a fundraiser barbecue. I had a hot dog and sausage, no bun on either, and some tomatoes. 9.3 carbs total. *sigh* I wouldn’t have gone so far over on carbs for the day if I’d planned for it. Instead, lunch was carb-heavy from a bunch of onions, bell peppers, and some cream in a tuna fritatta. Then I came home, was too tired to make anything, and had more tuna fritatta.

My average net carbs this week were 33 per day. One thing that trying Atkins and tracking in details has me realizing is that I don’t think I’ve ever really ended up low enough on carbs to expect appetite-suppressing ketosis. This week, I’m going to try to have more cabbage and way less onions to get my vegetables in for far fewer carbs.