Atkins is getting easier. I’m still on 2 Atkins treats per day even though I was super gassy yesterday.  But I’m finding it easier to make good decisions for the rest of the day knowing I have those treats for now.

Today, I had an unusually bad headache for me – I took aspirin and meditated at work but that didn’t touch it, so I came home and took an Advil Sinus, and then a couple T1s an hour later when that didn’t touch it either. It’s gone now.

Anyway, I had brought washed and torn romaine lettuce and some chicken, and I keep mayo at work. With the headache, I didn’t feel like eating the lettuce, but chicken and mayo is thankfully a comfort food for me.

I don’t think the headache was keto-related, but I’ll have a salty dinner just in case.