I’m giving traditional Atkins a shot – trying to stick to its food categories, tracking on its site. If I can get my cream consumption down to the 3 Tbsp. it recommends I think I can do well at it. (I also need to bring some sucralose drops to work – the carbs in the packets of Splenda I use at work add up if I have a few cups of chai, 1 packet in each.) I just need to make more beverage choices that I don’t enjoy with cream, like green tea and most types of herbal tea.

Yesterday, I did terribly, mostly because I chose to have a Hagen Daas bar at the theater. But I tracked all day yesterday and today and I came much closer to my goal of 18-22 net carbs today. (28.6 net carbs today.)

I’m choosing to indulge in some Atkins commercial treats as part of this effort – according to their guidelines, 1-2 per day.