I have and am using my air conditioning, so I’m better off than most people. But I’m sick of the heat.

Big pro – I bought a membership to a hotel pool a short walk away and I’ve been going nearly every day. I don’t tend to swim very fast, but I enjoy it and it makes me feel better. It won’t be as easy to motivate myself after the weather cools, but since there’s a hot tub it can feel really nice when it’s cold, too.

Con(ish) – I’m not cooking very much. It’s probably making me a bit more susceptible to the treats at work but it also means I’m not eating unreasonable amounts of low carb sweets at home.

I bought Schweppes diet ginger ale because it was on sale. I’ve never been big on brand-name pop but I admit it’s much tastier than the Our Compliments diet ginger ale I last bought. I think it’s partially because it’s sweeter – I can have it over ice and as the ice melts it still tastes sweet enough.

My other favourite diet pop right now is PC diet mango. I wish they didn’t colour it, but the flavour is really good.