That was quite the experience.

I haven’t felt up for fasting for the past couple weeks – I’m experiencing some depression and I’m not willing to give up the comfort of food until I have it more under control. (I realize ketosis can help with depression, but I’m not up to getting there.) This morning, I decided to skip breakfast and instead have stevia-sweetened lemonade with a couple tsp psyllium stirred in and a shot of MCT oil. I’ve consumed each of these things separately before without issues. Somehow, the combination (possibly because it was on an empty stomach) seems to have cleared out my entire digestive tract about 45 minutes later.

I was grateful that the belly rumbles started after I’d arrived at work, at least, but it was still not the best place to spend 10 minutes on the toilet. I feel completely fine now, thankfully.

For lunch, I’d brought psyllium-based flatbread, cream cheese, and smoked salmon. I decided that eating the psyllium-based flatbread today wasn’t a good idea, so I had a wheat bagel. It wasn’t a particularly good bagel, but piled high wih cream cheese and salmon it was pretty good.

(My boyfriend takes psyllium every day and it seemed like a good habit to get into. He just buys the hulls and grinds them to a powder in his Vitamix.)

By the time I went to TOPS, I’d had plenty to eat so I don’t think my morning adventures had much impact on my weight. But I still need to get back on track.