I didn’t fast at all last week and indulged a fair bit this weekend. (Pizza at the farmer’s market; cheesecake, beer, nachos, and cheesies at a picnic, Magnum dark chocolate ice cream bars at home.) I haven’t been able to fit Thursday morning TOPS in with my current job, so I’m going to try Tuesday night TOPS. It’s a bit further from home – a 25 minute walk – but knowing I’m weighing in makes a big difference to my motivation.

I have been noticing some digestive upset after eating higher carb foods, so I’m focusing on that feeling to help motivate myself.

Today is going pretty well so far – lower carb refried beans and egg casserole for breakfast and a bit of 90% chocolate and a VitaminWater zero at work. (I think the vitamins are not nutritionally significant but I like that it’s sweetened with erythritol and stevia.)