After missing a couple weeks at TOPS and indulging too much, I’m sure my weight would have been up if not for the intermittent fasting. So I was thrilled to be holding steady at 212 lbs.

I had lunch plans with coworkers on Thursday so I did a shorter fast. (Lunch was ‘naked’ – not breaded – chicken wings with jerk sauce, carrot sticks, and celery sticks. I skipped the beer. Then had a beer when I got home from work – oh, well.)

Next week, I plan to continue fasting until the afternoon on weekdays when I don’t have lunch plans

I’m going to need to adjust my shopping and cooking to account for the fasting – not unexpectedly, I have more food in the fridge than I normally would by this time of week. I’m also going to end up eating more breakfast for dinner meals since I actually really like breakfast foods.

I’ve been having a bit of indigestion, but the constipation has resolved itself. I’m going to start eating more fermented sauerkraut and I just had a bowl of unsweetened 10% fat yogurt. (With stevia, vanilla extract, and a sprinkling of cacao nibs – yum!)