Yesterday, I went to the beach with friends. My picnic was:

  • iced coffee with cream
  • guacamole with pork rinds
  • jicama and carrot sticks
  • cooked homemade chorizo eaten cold
  • Fresca and V8
  • cubes of mozzarella
  • 90% cacao chocolate

I also had some food that my friends had brought:

  • olives
  • a few potato chips and pieces of fried plantain (thankfully, far fewer than I would have had if I hadn’t had the pork rinds)
  • cajun-seasoned nut mix

The guacamole was simple – avocado mashed with diced tomatoes, diced pickled jalapenos, minced onion, a splash of red wine vinegar and salt.

I was very happy with how low carb I managed to stay. And, of course, I was less hungry by the time I got home than I would have been had I eaten more carbs. (I had fried eggs with guacamole and chocolate-peanut butter fat bombs when I got home.)