I don’t know why I haven’t made aioli before since it’s just my normal mayo with a small clove of garlic blended in with the egg at the beginning. Today, I had sliced tomato with aioli and bacon for breakfast.

Last night’s dinner was pub food – a Caesar, pork shanks with Jalapeno tequila lime barbecue sauce, a few carrot and celery sticks with blue cheese dressing, and a few fries from my boyfriend’s poutine. The barbecue sauce was obviously pretty sugary. I’d never had pork shanks before, but they’re delicious – like really tender meat lollipops.

I normally go for Bloody Marys instead of Caesars since Clamato doesn’t have the best ingredients. (Ingredients: WATER, TOMATO CONCENTRATE, HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP, MONOSODIUM GLUTAMATE,SALT, CITRIC ACID, ONION POWDER, CELERY SEED,ASCORBIC ACID (TO MAINTAIN COLOR), GARLICPOWDER, DRIED CLAM BROTH, SPICES, VINEGAR, NATURAL FLAVORS, RED 40.) But it was Caesar night at the bar so I indulged. Carb-wise, tomato juice has 10 g carbs including 1 g fiber and Clamato has 12 g carbs including 1 g fiber, so there’s not a big difference.

Apparently V8 has 10 g carbs including 2 g fiber. I think it makes just as good a Bloody Mary as tomato juice, so I might go that route in future.