I had dinner with friends tonight and made a variation on this recipe because I had a package of frozen lobster I’d bought at Costco. Obviously it’s not super low carb because of the sweet potatoes, but it was nicely filling.

My changes: I used 3 medium sweet potatoes, a small onion and a small bunch of green onions instead of the leeks, deglazed with white wine, used water instead of broth, omitted the orange juice, stirred in some heavy cream and a bunch of lemon juice at the end, used ginger powder instead of fresh ginger, and stirred in 300 g thawed lobster for the last 5 minutes of cooking instead of frying individual pieces of lobster. Oh, and the “orange creme fraiche” I served was my friends’ low fat sour cream (ugh) mixed with heavy cream and some Blood orange olive oil. Despite my many changes, it was a very nice soup.