I made some fat bombs last week with butter and whipping cream and they separated in the freezer, so they tasted like a layer of fudge with butter on top. This was pretty tasty, but I wanted to see if I could make fat bombs that stayed mixed. These do, and they had a vaguely ice cream-ish texture after a short while in the freezer. They’re mildly sweet with this amount of sweetener.

I can’t decide whether I prefer chocolate sweetened with sucralose and saccharin or sucralose and cyclamate. Both are good, so which I use usually depends on whether what I’m making will dissolve the saccharin tablets. The cyclamate liquid isn’t as convenient as the saccharine tablets or sucralose drops since it requires a measuring spoon. Cyclamate tablets are available in Europe, but I’ve never seen them here. I also haven’t tried cyclamate and saccharine together yet.

60 g unsweetened chocolate

120 g whipping cream

60 g MCT oil

pinch salt

6 drops sucralose + 6 tablets saccharin or other sweeteners to taste

Bring the whipping cream to a simmer in the microwave. Add the chocolate and sweeteners and stir until the chocolate melts. Add the salt and MCT oil and stir well. Mine didn’t fully emulsify – you might need a stick blender for that. Pour the mixture into silicone molds and freeze. (It’s soft at refrigerator temperature.)