I decided to try a mild fast today, where I have water, bone broth (including the fat on top of it), coffee with cream, and tea. Ideally, I’ll keep it up after TOPS tomorrow for a 36 hour fast. (I have a steak thawing in the fridge to break my fast.

So far (it’s 1:30 p.m. and I’ve been up since 9), I’m not hungry. It’s more that it feels strange to give up the habit of eating for the day. I’ve had water (I don’t measure it), 2 mugs of broth, and 2 cups of decaf coffee with heavy cream. Not surprisingly, I’m peeing more than usual.

I admit my immediate motivation is my TOPS weigh-in tomorrow, but I also want to see if an occasional bone broth fast helps my weight loss. (I ate a bunch of higher carb stuff at a SuperBowl party on Sunday and 70 g of 85% cacao chocolate yesterday. Other than that, it’s been a reasonably low carb week, but based on past experience that’s enough to potentially have a gain.)

I am finding being back at TOPS good motivation. It’s easier to say no to something thinking I weigh in Thursday than to say no when my goal is to weigh less whenever.

Update: At 3:30, I decided I was hungry and broke my fast with a bowl of turkey-vegetable soup and a chocolate fat bomb. I hadn’t eaten since 9 or so last night, so that’s an 18 hour fast. Not bad for a first try.