I’m almost out of the toasting bread from the Low Carb High Fat Bread cookbook. I decided to make the sandwich bread from the same cookbook as my next loaf. It’s a more complex mix – grated aged cheese (I used old cheddar), sesame seeds, psyllium, coconut flour, and almond flour. My changes were small – I used a mixture of almond meal and pecan meal instead of all almond meal and I sprinkled sesame seeds instead of poppy seeds on top. (I really liked the sesame seeds on top of the toasting bread.) My almond meal was home ground, so it’s a bit coarser and darker (skin-on almonds).

The loaf turned out great. I sliced myself a piece after it had been cooling on a rack for maybe 15 minutes. It looks like whole grain bread and has a crisp crust and good chew. And the egg flavour that dominated the toasting bread is much more subdued. I don’t notice the cheese at all.