I can’t believe that the scales in two vet’s offices would be off by 3 lbs, but my overweight dog who had lost 3 lbs according to a different vet’s scale weighed exactly the same on the original vet’s scale as she did at our last visit. I’m surprised that she hasn’t lost weight, not least because she’s moving so much more easily.

I don’t want to overreact since of course dogs can experience a change in body composition that the scale doesn’t show, but I think I’ll reduce her food from 9 oz per meal to 8 oz per meal. I’m also considering slowly increasing her fat intake, which would either reduce the total weight of food I give her or mean I give her more broth as well. I need to increase fat slowly so that it doesn’t give her the runs. I’ll be increasing blended bone as I increase fat.

Update: her thyroid is very underactive, so hopefully the thyroid meds she’s now on will help her weight.