Increasing the dogs’ fat, bone meal, and broth while reducing their meat seems to have worked nicely. They’re now each having a normal poop once a day. Their energy continues to be good.

I actually didn’t end up reducing the total weight of food my overweight dog is getting – she gets maybe 80 g of the bone meal/fat/broth mixture, another 80 g of rich broth, and the rest of the 270 g as meat/skin/cartilage. The meat has been relatively fatty, too, since I cooked the skin and meaty bone from a pork shoulder for them.

I increased the amount of food (including broth) that my beagle is getting, so he’s getting closer to 200 g per meal now. I’m keeping a close eye on my beagle’s weight, since he needs to lose very little weight. I’m following these guidelines and I’m just barely starting to be able to feel his spine (which previously had a thicker layer of fat over it).

I picked up some trimmings (heads, spines, tails, bits of skin) from the fish market today. I simmered the trimmings in pork broth then pulled out the solids and picked off the meat and skin. I set the bones aside for now since I want to cook more pork in the broth, but I’m going to simmer them until they’re very tender and then puree them for the dogs’ next batch of bone meal.