Pork shoulder is on sale for $0.99/lb, so I picked up a 9.5 lb pork shoulder to make ground pork and, ultimately, sausage. I removed the skin (leaving as much of the fat as possible) and bone (I wasn’t too worried about getting all the meat off since I’m making broth and the meat will come off easily afterward). Then I cut it into 1″ cubes, froze them for a half hour, and ground them in my meat grinder.

I followed this recipe to make the chorizo. I had whole ancho chiles, so I ground them to make ancho chile powder. The only thing I changed was omitting the optional achiote. This isn’t a spicy chorizo – for the next batch, I’ll likely add some hotter chile powder.  (My favourite way to eat chorizo is with my morning eggs, and the extra spice goes nicely.) I froze the chorizo in 1/2 lb packets, flattened in ziploc bags so that the meat thaws quickly.

I still have about 5 lbs of meat. I’ll probably make some breakfast sausage and maybe some andouille (made with liquid smoke).