Today, I’m off to a friend’s house to make sausage in casing. (I’ve only made sausage patties in the past.) He typically starts with ground pork but I decided I’d keep an eye out for inexpensive whole pork since I have a grinder attachment for my Bosch Universal Kitchen Machine.

Today, fresh whole pork hams were on sale for $1.29 per pound and half hams were on sale for $1.49 per pound. (The least expensive ground pork I saw was $1.99 per pound.) I thought about buying a whole ham, but the smallest was 26 lbs so it seemed like overkill given I’d never made my own ground pork before.

I brought my 8-9 lb half ham home, removed the skin and cut out the bone. I put the skin and bone in a pot of water to simmer. I wasn’t overly careful about getting all the meat off since I can pull it off after it simmers. I’ll use the pork fat for cooking, feed the meat off the bone and what remains of the skin to my dogs, and make soup with the stock.

I diced the remaining meat and fat in a bit larger than 1″ cubes, spread it over a baking sheet, and put it in the deep freezer. I left it there for 1/2 hour before I started grinding the cubes. I might go longer next time since some of the fat got pretty soft during grinding.

It went quite easily until maybe 3/4 of the way through when the machine clogged. I pulled it apart, set aside the meat from it, washed it, reassembled it, and then continued grinding. I think it was just some connective tissue wrapped around one of the pieces.

I stirred up the ground meat to distribute the fat and it’s ready to go.

Anyway, next time I might go for the whole ham. My only concern is whether my biggest pot is big enough for the bone. I suppose I could make stock in the oven in a roasting pan since it’s pretty huge.