I’ve read about how expensive produce is this winter and I’m finally starting to notice it. Even at the Chinese market, a bunch of celery was $2.99. I was also not surprised to see that the grocery store I was at on the weekend was out of frozen cauliflower given the cauliflower shortage. Anyway, it’s good incentive to make sure I’m not wasting any.

I roughly followed this recipe, but stopped before adding the cream since I want to freeze the soup in portions for recipe. I substituted shallots for the onions and chicken fat for the butter. I increased the recipe by 5-6 times and used 1 tsp guar gum (sieved over the hot soup).  It tastes pretty good, even without the cream.

For my first recipe, I combined a cup or so of the soup with 4 cups of cooked and then frozen and thawed cabbage and 1/2 cup heavy cream then baked the mixture in the oven until it was hot and bubbly. (Cooking then freezing cabbage isn’t ideal, but I ended up with more than I could reasonably eat. Thankfully, I really like creamed cabbage.)