I keep a document on my smartphone with a rough list of what I have cooked, what I  need to use, and what I plan to cook. I update it when I’m on the bus or waiting for things.

It’s not meal planning in a traditional sense, but it gives me a good idea of what ingredients I need (and don’t need).

In the oven:

  • spareribs in homemade sugar-free barbecue sauce (I made the barbecue sauce a while ago, so it’s good to be using it up). I cooked a lot of them, so I’ll freeze what I’m unlikely to eat in the next couple days.

In the fridge:

  • pumpkin custard (I had a cup of homemade sugar-free maple syrup in the fridge that I found I wasn’t using, so I sweetened the custard with that)
  • chocolate-coconut milk pudding
  • brussels sprouts roasted in coconut oil
  • homemade mayo

In the freezer:

  • beef heart chili
  • turkey soup

I only have 1 egg, so needing more of those will get me to the grocery store.

I have a limited amount of fresh and frozen vegetables on hand: a partial head of romaine, a few carrots, some hot peppers, and some shallots in the fridge and cabbage, squash, okra, tomatillos, and spinach in the freezer. I also have some canned artichokes, jalapenos, and tomatoes in the pantry. (Sometimes writing this down is a good reality check – my crisper drawers look fairly empty, but I could make a lot of good meals with these vegetables.)

This is obviously nowhere near a complete inventory of the food in my house, but it encompasses what helps me to make sure I get to enjoy the food I buy and prepare.

Some thoughts about what I might make next: