I ate a few Triscuits with my pate, too much flour-thickened gravy, a small spoonful of potatoes, a small creamy caramel dessert, and a creamy cranberry dessert. Otherwise, I mostly stayed on plan. I haven’t weighed myself since, but I’m back to eating normally so I don’t expect too big a hit.

After a couple years of eating low-carb, my parents actually didn’t buy me anything sugar sweetened, which is pretty great. One of their friends gave me an array of sugar-sweetened baked goods and my aunt and uncle gave me a bunch of sugar-sweetened chocolates. I left them in the car (ambient temperature has been refrigerator temperature or colder) until I found friends to take them, then dropped them off, so they never crossed my threshold.

My dad picked me up some of these chocolate bars – coconut and almond. The texture is a touch crumbly – I’d prefer that they use more cacao butter in the mix. They contain dextrin, which could contribute some digestible carbohydrate. I expect they’re a lot better than maltitol-sweetened chocolates. I’d buy them again, but I still prefer the Lindt 90% cacao chocolate despite the bit of sugar in it.