I roughly followed this recipe, using: 2 3/4 cups Aroy-D coconut milk, pinch salt, 6 extra-large eggs, 3/4 cup erythritol, 6 oz unsweetened chocolate, and toffee-flavoured stevia to taste. I used my stick blender to blend the pudding. This is way better than the pudding I’ve been making lately, which uses xanthan/guar gum and less chocolate.

The odd measurement (2 3/4 cups) is because I wanted 1 1/4 cups of the litre of coconut milk for coconut milk bread.

As for a good way to start the holidays: today (nude, but not first thing in the morning) my weight was 208.4 lbs, the lowest I’ve seen in sometime.

I’ll likely have a dessert tomorrow night, but Christmas is typically manageably indulgent for me. I don’t drink alcohol at Christmas since I need to drive home.  There are lots of fairly low carb dishes (turkey, which we cook with bacon on it, carrots and turnip, and typically broccoli with cheese sauce), so I focus on those. In the afternoon, there’s often cheese and crackers and shrimp, so I skip the crackers on that.