Cojita cheese is definitely a new favourite. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying it on my eggs and chili.

Both dogs’ digestion has settled. They each had a day of no pooping but incredibly smelly gas before they had their first normal poop. I’m glad that’s over.

When I went to the Chinese market today to pick up more old chickens to cook for the dogs, the chicken carcasses that they sell for 3 for $1.29 were way meatier than usual. I wonder if they had a less experienced butcher working on them. Anyway, since they were such a great deal I bought 6. After letting them simmer in broth for a couple hours, I pulled out the first carcass to cool so I could pull off the meat for part of their dinner.  I wasn’t very thorough (I tossed it back in the pot) and I still got half their dinner (about 8 ounces) of meat and skin off of it.

(Chicken skin has a good dose of protein with the fat in it – about half as much protein as fat according to the nutritional information I found.)

As an extra treat, I tossed the bone and the gelatinous liquid from roasting a leg of lamb into the pot.