The vet got back to me and told me that not all carbs were created equal, complex carbs were fine, and a low fat diet was best for weight loss. *sigh* Not surprising, but disappointing anyway.

On the up side, the dogs are doing well on cooked food right now. The smaller dog is getting 4-4.5 ounces per meal and the larger dog is getting 7-7.5 ounces per meal. Their bowel movements are still softer and more frequent than normal, but they’re becoming less frequent so I think it’ll resolve soon.

(Incidentally, I’m tempted to measure my overweight dog’s ‘waist’ size and track that instead of weight. I have a home scale, but I’d have to pick her up to weigh her on it, which she doesn’t like.)

After reading How Do My Dogs Look On Their Low Carb Diet again, I want to try the dogs on raw chicken backs instead of the whole chicken I was feeding them. It’s possible that the thicker thigh and leg bones were causing them problems that chicken backs wouldn’t.

I think it’s interesting that Dana sprinkles gelatin on her dogs’ food. I’d rather feed my guys homemade broth for their gelatin, but of course my dogs are on the spoiled side. Speaking of which, the beef bones have been simmering for 3 days now – it’s probably nearing time to strain the broth.

The dogs do get raw eggs occasionally as a treat, but eggs aren’t a good choice for us as a regular food item since keeping chickens isn’t permitted in my town and I’ll only buy free-run eggs, which are relatively expensive.