I’ve been thinking a lot more about my dog’s weight than mine this week. Now, I’m using myfitnesspal to calculate the nutrients in homemade food for her. (It says she’s not getting enough calories for a 215 lb human.)

I’ve had her on Acana Light and Fit. I know it’s way too high carb for an overweight dog (probably any dog) but it’s otherwise a good quality food and the rescue I volunteer for had a lot donated. (My overweight dog was my overweight foster until 6 weeks ago.)

Anyway, now that she’s mine I took her to a vet and found out she’s become more overweight during her time with me. She weighs 72 lbs and should probably weigh about 55 lbs.

The vet’s assistant calculated her energy requirements. The outcome – she should be eating 2.8 cups of her current food per day. Unfortunately, she’s eating 2 cups and gaining weight. So much for the calorie theory of weight.

She said that she’d prefer that I feed her a veterinary food since reducing her Acana further would put her at risk of nutritional deficiencies. Unfortunately, the veterinary food she recommended has a similar proportion of carbs.

I’ve tried a couple times to get my dogs eating raw using the formula of feeding them 2-3% of their ideal weight as 10% bone, 80% meat, 5% liver, and 5% non-liver organ. The most recent attempt was disastrous – both dogs ended up with diarrhea for multiple days and one threw up twice.

I expressed my doubts that a high carb diet is a good choice for her to my vet and asked whether they would support me in formulating a no carb diet for her. It’ll be interesting to see their response. I figure a best case possibility is that they recommend a diet with a supplement like this.

Tonight for dinner I fed them unsalted homemade duck broth, cooked chicken meat and skin and the cooked meat and tendon off of some beef bones. I’ve never seen my beagle’s tail wag so quickly. (He’s not particularly overweight – his ribs and spine are slightly less visible than ideal – but I prefer to feed both dogs the same.) They had more liver and kidney than recommended earlier in the week, so I’ll hold off on adding that in for a few days.

I’ll grind some chicken backs in my meat grinder and feed them cooked as well. (They firm the stool, which might be an issue since they’ll be eating higher fat.)

Anyway, fingers crossed that their digestion is better this way. If I could get a few pounds off my overweight dog on low carb I think I’d have a stronger¬†argument to the vet to stay low carb.