I’m watching That Sugar Film. It’s well done, particularly the part where he eats the equivalent amount of pure sugar instead of a so-called healthy food. 11 tsp of sugar on chicken instead of teriyaki sauce is particularly evocative.

The part with the dentist removing a 17 year old’s rotten, infected teeth was awful. I know a few kids under 6 with multiple fillings and I feel just awful for them. (I got my first filling in my 20s. My mother was passionately anti-sugar. After I went to university, I started eating rather more sugar than I should have.)

As I’m watching it, I’m enjoying a cup of chocolate orange tea. I really enjoy cacao shell-based tea. It’s not as strongly chocolate-y as tea with chocolate flavouring, but it tastes a lot more natural. It’s a good thing it’s not sweet since I don’t think I could stomach it while watching this movie.