I made these twice in the last day – they’re amazing. (I froze the biscuits I didn’t eat right away.) My minor changes: I used homemade creme fraiche instead of heavy cream or sour cream. I melted the butter. (Butter doesn’t get very soft at my winter room temperature of 18.) Last night, I used 3 oz of grated parmesan instead of the parmesan and the cheddar. This morning, I used 3 oz of grated mozzarella instead. Both are good. I made them half the size that the recipe calls for and baked them for 12 minutes.

This is my first time using Honeyville almond flour instead of almond meal. (Almond flour is finer.) Costco sells it for $10/lb vs. $8/lb for the least expensive almond flour I can buy. The finer texture definitely makes a difference in biscuits.