I was back at work today and didn’t plan my eating well. Breakfast was normal – fried eggs with cheese and salsa. I had a filling at the dentist then indulged myself in a no sugar added chocolate covered marshmallow. I also had maltitol-sweetened sugar-free candies throughout the day.

For lunch, I’d brought almond butter bread and cheese to make cheesy toast, which was delicious but not very filling. There were leftovers from a meeting and I had green salad with a nice vinegary dressing and chicken stir-fry. The stir-fry was in warming dishes with rice, but I did my best to get vegetables and chicken with very little rice. It had a sweet sauce on it but thankfully not too much of it. I had that with some sugar-free vanilla ice cream leftover in the freezer, which wasn’t a good idea since I’ve had some maltitol-related gas lately.

In the afternoon, I got into the free food at work and had a couple pieces of jerky (why do they put so much sugar in jerky?!), a hot rod, and a slice of toasted cheese bread with butter and cream cheese. (I’m pretty impressed that this is the first time I’ve given into the lure of the cheese bread in 5 1/2 months at this job. I love cheese bread.)

Anyway, I came home and had ground pork and cheese-stuffed poblano peppers for supper. And lots of stevia-sweetened iced apple green tea. And an 80 g 70% cacao chocolate bar.

I plan for tomorrow to be better.