This week, I’ve been demolishing my garage. I typically work 2 hours in the morning, take a couple hours to shower, change, and do other things, then work 2 hours in the afternoon. This is very physical work – even with perfect 18 to 20 degree Celsius weather, I sweat through a bandana and a tank top every time I’m out there.

I’m pleased that I don’t find any need to eat during my 2 hour work sessions and, in fact, it takes me a bit to get hungry after I’m back inside. This definitely wouldn’t have been the case when I was carb-dependent.

I’ve been eating well, too – typically eggs with meat and chai with saccharin and heavy cream in the morning and often avocados with whatever I’m eating for lunch. I have been indulging in no sugar added (maltitol-based) chocolate covered marshmallows that I bought on sale after Hallowe’en. (It was great – bulk barn had NSA for the same price as sweetened. They didn’t sell as well, so there were a lot of them available at a discount after Hallowe’en. I hope they do the same for Christmas.) Anyway, they’re not ideal for weight loss, but I’m OK with them as an indulgence.

Tonight’s dinner was pretty low carb junk food – cream cheese and salsa melted together and eaten with pork rinds. Yum!