My dad is an obese diabetic who eats relatively high-carb low-fat and takes statins. He knows I eat low carb but hasn’t asked any followup questions so I’ve done my best not to push my lifestyle on him.

When we were driving together on the weekend, I asked him whether he’d read about people on statins having cognitive troubles. He said he had but that the alternative was worse. He also said he was on the statin with fewer side effects.

He used to have a great memory and it’s declined in the past few years, but of course he has the problem that many people who take statins have that he assumes it’s natural aging. He’s also had some discolouration in his lower legs for the past couple years – I don’t know if it’s related (he’s on a number of medications, including diabetes meds, blood thinners, and heart meds) but at least he’s talked to his doctor about it.

He had a spell during dinner that he’s apparently had before where he had stomach pain and vomiting. He said he hasn’t mentioned them to his doctor yet. I mentioned the possibility that it’s gastroparesis, which is a crappy diabetic complication.

I wish government recommendations would catch up with the science already so he could benefit from low carb high fat!