My parents picked me up a box of these dog treats. They’re basically cookies – mostly wheat flour and molasses (sugar)-sweetened. I’m going to take them to work since the dogs there get junk food treats anyway.

Yes, my dogs like all treats. But I hate giving them high-carb foods that I know are just going to make them hungrier and make it harder to keep them at the right weight. They’re just as happy with freeze-dried liver, pizzle, rawhide, or my homemade treats.

My 2 dogs tend to fluctuate between the weight the vet wants them at and a couple pounds more. My foster dog is elderly and a bit overweight, but despite eating a relatively small amount for her size doesn’t lose weight. I suspect that she’d have to be eating very few carbs to lose weight.

I’ve been cutting their carbs by reducing their dry food and supplementing with homemade chicken broth, cooked poultry meat/skin/cartilage, and sardines. (They love this.)

Ideally, I think I’d go to all homemade food, but I have a fair bit of decent quality Acana dog food. on hand. Orijen, which I was feeding the dogs before, is lower carb, but the rescue I foster for was donated a bunch of Acana so that’s what I’ve been using. Orijen is high-protein, too, and I suspect moderate protein and higher fat would be preferable.