I’m loving the 2-5 lb pieces of bone-in ham that some local organic farms sell. They taste as amazing as a whole bone-in ham but are way more manageable to cook and eat.

Anyway, I cooked a small one today. Nothing special – I put it in a pan, covered, and baked it for a couple hours until it was nice and hot.

The skin was pretty limp, though, so I pulled it off and put it in a 350 oven on a baking sheet lined with foil. I baked it for maybe 20 minutes until it was insanely crispy. Then I ate the whole thing. Delicious!

When I was at a friend’s house on Sunday, we had beef roast for dinner. It was served family-style, which was great because I found a slice of pretty much straight fat mixed in with the meat. Fat is delicious.

After the ham cooled, I pulled off the meat. The bone is simmering in homemade, unsalted chicken broth and I plan on making some cabbage and ham soup.