I picked up a package of 5 rather large rainbow trout fillets at Costco today. They totalled about 3 lbs, so about 10 oz each. I froze 4 of them in individual packages for future meals.

Tonight I fried/steamed one by heating some oil in a stainless steel frying pan, putting a rainbow trout fillet in skin side down, seasoning with salt, drizzling with orange olive oil, and then cooking with the lid on just until it was cooked through. I ate it with tartar sauce – homemade mayo mixed with chopped kosher dill pickle. The skin didn’t end up as crisp as I’d prefer, but I still ate it.

(I avoid using cast iron, which I use for the majority of my cooking, for fish. I find that the fish smell lingers in cast iron no matter how thoroughly I clean it.)

Today’s Costco trip was in general nicely low carb – butter, almonds, avocado oil, macadamia nuts, avocados, fish oil capsules, heavy cream, and tuna in olive oil. (I figure with the addition of lettuce, vinegar, and salt, it’s a salad. I’ve always bought tuna in water in the past, but obviously avoiding the fat doesn’t matter to me. I did confirm that it’s pure olive oil, not cut with less expensive oils.)